Freedom is possible

Hello and welcome, my name is Gethrine 

I am a qualified and registered addictions counsellor, based in Old town, Swindon. I offer face to face and telephone counselling to adults. Seeking to support individuals who want to change or stop their drug or alcohol use; working together at your pace to achieve your goals, whether this is to cut down, to stop or support with current problems.

My approach is for you to be at the heart of the counselling because you are the expert about you and your issues. I can come along side you and walk this journey with you and let you understand how you view yourself and your world.   I will help you to understand and resolve difficult issues in you life and how to let go of the  pain that is holding you back.  It can be reassuring to  have a knowledgeable and skillfull person to talk to.  I offer a confidential, safe space of acceptance, compassion and respect to explore your pain, beliefs, habits, behaviours, and thoughts that are getting in the way of you achieving a satisfying quality of life, which is manageable and enjoyable. 

We explore together the issues and stresses that keep alcohol or drugs in your life, and the many problems that come with these issues. I offer tailored interventions that meet your personal needs and work together to reduce or stop these stressors in your life. I can help you maintain a drug or alcohol free lifestyle.